Our Objectives

The main thrust of the organization is eliminating hunger and reducing poverty through practicing sustainable agriculture-based practices.  

The broad objectives of the organization includes the following;

  • Mobilize, train and impart skills to the local communities on agri-based sustainable income generating activities. 
  • Provide agricultural information and resource centre that helps improve uptake of sustainable agricultural practices.  
  • Train and support the communities on nutrition and healthy feeding. 
  • Promote greater involvement of target communities in development structures to improve food security.
  • Mobilize and consolidate the support of other institutions in the promotion of sustainable agricultural practices in order to develop common agricultural extension messages.  
  • Provide a national acceptable platform on representation and advocating   for   Good Agricultural Practices that guarantees environmental and biodiversity conservation.  
  • Enhance access on improved ways of farming in order to help the orphans, poor children especially towards education advancement
  • Mobilize resources for specific activities implemented by the organization in areas of operation

The organization’s objectives are in line with the national and regional strategies towards food security, poverty reduction and employment creation thus contributing towards achievements of MDGs i.e. MDG 1 to eliminate hunger and reduce poverty, MDG 3 to promote gender equity and MDG 7& 8 to promote environmental sustainability and strengthen global partnership through promotion of Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) for Sustainable Development. 


About Us

Sustainet E.A. is a Non- governmental organization promoting sustainable agricultural practices in East and Horns of Africa. Our network includes 209 NGOs/CBOs with a reach out of 1.5 million small-holder farmers. Sustainet E.A. (Readmore)

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