Thematic Focus

Thematic Focus

Market -Led Agricultural Value Chain Development

SAII works to catalyse agriculture value chains so as to improve the competitiveness of the value chain resulting in better relationships between value chain actors and increased value added along the value chain and contribute to food and nutrition security of households/communities.

Thematic Focus

Water, Environment And Green Growth

SAII works in this sector to improve access to clean, safe and portable water for domestic and livestock use.


Social Inclusion or Social Growth

SAII works with community-based organizations, enterprising youth and women, agribusiness enterprises and farmers organizations to create opportunities for social and economic growth

Thematic Focus

Resilience Building

SAII provides solutions that develop regional systems to alleviate negative impacts caused by deteriorating environmental conditions in the Horn of Africa for sustainable livelihoods.


Thomas Apina

CEO, Director

Michael Wangonya

Programs Coordinator

Acquisition Lead

Hesbon Olweny

Program Manager

Western Region

Daniel Nyauke

Project Coordinator

Climate Resilience, Conservation Agriculture, Envirionment

Kelvin Karim

Program Coordinator

Technical lead, Agri – business