Knowledge Management & Information Sharing

Knowledge, Information management and sharing are one of our main thrusts aimed at scaling up the adoption of good agricultural practices (GAPs). In all our interventions, we capture, document, publish and share good agricultural practices thus stimulating wide scale adoption of such technologies. We target all the agriculture stakeholders with such information.


Some of our resources among many others are:

a) Books

  • Sustainable Agriculture "A pathway out of poverty for East Africa Rural Poor "
  • Adaptation of small-scale farmers to climatic risks in different states of India
  • Adaptation of small scale farmers to climatic risks in India

b) Simplified technical manuals

  • Agro forestry practices manual
  • Certification of organic products
  • Dairy goats improvement manual
  • Farmer field school approach
  • Groundnut production manual
  • Nine seeded hole technique
  • Organic pineapple production manual
  • Water and soil conservation
  • Technical manual on conservation agriculture

c) Newsletters

  • 2011 E- newsletter 28th June
  • Eneza new mag final
  • neza newsletter latest issue 001
  • Eneza E-newsletter 14th Jan

d) Brochures/fliers

  • Combating World Hunger Through Sustainable Agriculture
  • Agro forestry brochure
  • Baraka village brochures
  • Conservation agriculture brochure
  • Dairy goat brochure
  • Improved ground nuts brochure
  • Networking brochure
  • Nine seeded hole brochure
  • Organic pineapple Soil and water conservation
  • Agro forestry Sustainet brochure.

About Us

Sustainet E.A. is a Non- governmental organization promoting sustainable agricultural practices in East and Horns of Africa. Our network includes 209 NGOs/CBOs with a reach out of 1.5 million small-holder farmers. Sustainet E.A. (Readmore)

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